Sunday, July 13, 2003

Eva has had problems with her computer off and on. Not to mention she is VERY busy with 3 little boys! So, I'm taking it upon myself to post things she writes me...
I was planning on posting a letter I recieved from Meran yesterday, took a month to get here, but he sent some pics too. It was a very nice letter, he misses me a lot. And when he misses me he writes very romantically. He sent a pic of him in Romania, and two of him and his uncle Issa in Duhok...
Alas, I have never received the scanned photos to post here yet. I'll keep working on her...!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I Know.....It has been a while....but for anyone who still cares :), here is an update on Meran:

He called last Thurday morning. At that time he was on the border of Syria and Iraq, close to the Kurdish city of Mosul. He said that he was doing great and was busy with his translating job (he is translating Kudish/English and visa versa).

As for the kids and I....

We might be traveling over to Kurdistan in the Fall. Meran and I have discussed it and thought it might work out better for us all that way. Right now I go with the intention of just visiting for a couple months....If I like it I will stay until Meran gets done.
Also I am looking into getting some kind of job over there.