Monday, December 01, 2003

Below is a recent email exchange between my son-in-law and myself (just this past weekend...) It is in chronological order, from most recent backwards.

I learned that things have definitely changed for them due to health concerns. My hunch is that Eva and the boys may be experiencing malaria. Either way, I urged him in another email to make sure they get seen by a doctor ASAP, if they haven't already...

I think it would be best, Meran, if they are that sick, if they come back now. I think I have to agree with Eva in that case. It is too bad they are so sick, but things might get worse before they get better. It's better to be safe than sorry, as an old saying of ours goes.

Let me know what is going on as soon as possible.

I noticed Eva tried to call me the other day, but I missed the call. I tried to call back, but even with the help of an international operator, we couldn't figure out how to get a call all the way through to the phone Eva uses. They said the number coming up was a land line in downtown London, England, and they couldn't track it past that. Oh well, I tried! I was very disappointed, though.

If Eva can call again, tell her to try. I always try to have my phone with me...

Tell Eva I love her, and that I hope she and Salih, Bilal, and Mu'min are feeling better soon!

How are you doing? Are you out of the hospital now? Are you feeling better?

Eva said you might be going to Mosul again to work. Your message below indicated you are still up north. Will you be moving?

I wonder why Eva is sick now? She was there for some weeks and was OK. Mmmmm....

OK, I will not send anything right now. I will wait.

Take care of yourself, Meran. It can be a very dangerous place there now, as you know...



From: meran.abdullah
To: Trish Lewis
Subject: Re: hey you missed talking with you!! :)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 10:08:21 -0500

I think Nirgaz wants to go back to u.s. very soon. I am trying to keep her and the kids here for about one year, but she don't like it, I even told her if it will make you happer I will rent a house for you and the kids. all the kids and Nirgaz are sick all the time, they start trowing up, daireya and having yellow eyes and all of their body are yellowish. I am find and I am station 1/2 mile from my uncle's house and were Nirgaz and kids lives. don't sent anything her, Nirgaz have already hard time finding the way taking all the things that she have and bought with her back to the states.

love son in law
Meran and Nirgaz and all kids

From: Trish Lewis
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 4:32 pm
Subject: hey you guys!!! :

Meran & Eva:

Hope you're all doing well. I haven't mailed anything because I'm in a muddle. Not sure what to mail, or where to mail it! What do the boys like? What might you two need/like? Should I send everything to the APO address, or only something to you, Meran there, and the rest, Eva, to Nashville? HELP!

I read this blog today from a girl who lives in Baghdad. Really something to read! All about what's happening to people she knows, for instance, in Tikrit right ...

Tell me news. Tell me how much fun it is in the hospital, Meran (just teasing)...great food, eh?!!!

Tell me what's happening, Eva. What are the boys up to?

Love, Mom

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