Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My son-in-law Meran is a translator/interpreter for the Titan Corporation, which is under investigation* for various charges by our government, who contracted with them in the first place.

For me, it is fascinating on two levels. First, my son-in-law, a decent, hard-working man, is getting caught up in a typical profiteering atmosphere common in war situations where rebuilding is going on. He went to Iraq with idealist motivations that are undoubtedly still there in him, but my instincts are telling me it's gotten a bit muddled in the past year. Second, as a federal employee myself who has seen and continues to see more and more private contracting out of former federal jobs, I'm seeing that the two main reasons put forth for private contractors - saving money, and better/faster production/results - is clearly not happening. The same problems that the federal government heads had before is still here - no decent oversight, no true accountability. Who watches the watchers?!

*Which just lost them a lucrative buyout with Lockheed...

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