Saturday, November 08, 2003

Before I posted about Eva's call, I got the first email at bottom from Meran...then a bit later, after I responded about Eva calling, he emailed back a bit more about what is going on...It looks like things are changing, he may be reassigned, as Eva said, and Eva and the boys may come home sooner than originally planned...

You sound a bit bored, huh? I know how that is, when you're in the hospital. I've been in hospital many times in the past and yes, it gets very boring!! I know Eva wanted to get the DVD player for you, but as you said, she forgot. Many things for her to remember. She did pretty good to get most of them done. I think when you have little kids around, things get much more confusing to keep track of. It was that way for me anyways...

About the box...Eva called me 3 days ago on the 'call through' phone from your Uncle's. We talked for about 30 minutes, and I asked her if I should send it to your APO address. She said to either wait, or send it to your Nashville home to wait for her. She said that some letters she mailed before she left still haven't gotten there, so she doesn't trust the mail. What do you think? Maybe there is a better way?

It is colder here than normal. I have seen it this cold before, this early, but most of the time it isn't. We have several inches of snow, and it feels more like December than November. I definitely think your weather there is better than ours!!

What do you think of the rebuilding of Iraq? It will be hard work, I think, and take a lot of time. I hope that most of the people living there will not be too discouraged. I think that most people living there want to work hard to have a good life, don't you? Unfortunately, there are a few selfish people that want to grab power for themselves, or let hate and anger take control of them instead of forgiveness and compassion...

Love, Mom

From: Meran
To: Trish Lewis
Subject: Re: we will be fine
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 07:00:10 -0800

yes, it is cold at night but in day time is good, I am in mosal because of my appendix until nov 25th, I called my captian today and he told me we can do thing with out you so come back so i will try to go back after am will. do worry we all will be fine ensaallah. how is christopher doing tell him hi and also uncle billy and his wife and all his kids and any body else if they are asking about us. do you now where to sent that box if no let me now please. i tolled eva to bring with here one of these dvd with 7 in screen with you but she forgot to bring with her. i really could use one of them. because I am sitting down all day doing nating after surgery. i miss you i hope we see each other soon. yes we will have time to sit and dicuss all the hardship and enjoy i involved. keep in tauch.

you son in law
abu salih, bilal and mu'man and eva

I have more time to write
From: Trish Lewis
Date: Monday, November 3, 2003 7:53 am
Subject: Re: they are fine

I am happy to hear you are OK, Meran!! Appendix can be serious. Take care of yourself, and you, Eva, and the boys are in my thoughts and prayers.

I will be sending a box for Eid-ul-Fitr. I'll probably send it out either this week or next week. I see it is on November 25th, I think, this year?

That is only a couple of days before Thanksgiving here in America.

I bet it's getting cold there, too, eh?

One of these days, I hope to visit with you when you are back home, about your work when you are there. I'm sure it will be interesting to hear about.

I'm VERY proud of both you and Eva. I love you guys, and be safe.

Love, Mom

From: Meran
To: Trish Lewis
Subject: Re: they are fine
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 18:40:12 +0300

Hi trish
yes, you could write me a massege and i will give her message. i am in touch with her every day, I am sich in a hospital I had to remove my appendix. But now am very fine i am writting this letter after two nights in a hospital in mosul. all 3 kids are fine and they have fun time. Eva had hard time until she entered the country. the serian government did not allowed her to entered so we tolled her to go to Turkey. she had no problem entered throw Turkey. nov. 1 03 before i came to mosal she drove to zakho to see me and she had mu,man with her before a flight to mosal.


Eva didn't call before leaving the morning she left, I assumed she had to hurry up.

When did they get there? Did they make the final connecting flight or did they have to take the bus?

Tell Eva if she still wants me to take care of her email, she needs to tell me her password (she forgot to do that)

I hope everything is OK. I bet you were very happy to see Eva, Salih, Bilal, and Mu'min!! Mu'min has grown so much (well, they all have, I'm sure) Take care, and tell Eva to be sure and write me when she can so I can keep in touch. (I can write her at your address, right?)

Love, Mom

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