Monday, November 03, 2003

This morning, I received an email from Meran (my son-in-law):
Hi, Trish!

Yes, you could write me a message and I will give her message. I am in touch with her every day. I am sick in a hospital; I had to remove my appendix. But now am very fine. I am writing this letter after two nights in a hospital in Mosul. All 3 kids are fine and they have fun time. Eva had hard time until she entered the country. The Syrian government did not allowed her to entered so we told her to go to Turkey. She had no problem entered throw Turkey. Nov. 1 03 before I came to Mosal she drove to Zakho to see me and she had Mu'min with her before a flight to Mosal.
...and that, was that.

I wrote back to take care, all that Mom kind of stuff...! Sounds like they are busy, living life there much like they do here, just that they're halfway across the world now.

Meanwhile, little Mu'min just plays, eats, sleeps, and doesn't know the difference...

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