Sunday, February 06, 2005

Election Day in Gayara: Meran's Perspective

Since i read the story by Nirgaz it expired me to write my story during the election day in Q-West,Iraq. we had the same kind of the day it was cold but not rainy. i went THT office to talk to someone about all these Iraqi to vote for thier country that work for us fanilly we had a word late in the after noon about 7:00 that all iraqi's that work with qualition forces could vote in side the FOB(base) they brought the plactice boxes and paper i came and see the area that they put was not a good place because it was the internet cafe and there was a lot of soldiers were there on internet i told them i think it will be better if we go to the next room and do it becuase it is empty and it has trowers so it represent everyone is free and the democracy is taking place no matter how much the poll is big or small, to give it to who ever want without some one looking over his head.

the election went very well praise to allah everyone got to vote and they were very happy and they were thanking American for that effert.

there is no comment on my side exept an exellent job

i did got to vote for my country (kurdistan)

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