Tuesday, September 16, 2003

From Eva to Meran...
Assalam ale kum Sweetie:

On Saturday I sent you a 4 page letter in the mail, and some pictures. I hope you like them. Also I am sending you a video with Issa, who is coming with Najeeb on the 6th. I told him to give it to your uncle Issa until you visit there. It has some new and old video on it. Insh'Allah in less than a month we will see each other again. When I get the tickets I will let you know what day I am coming.

Until then, do not tire yourself too much, you will need all the energy you can when I see you again! It will be some good you know what that night. I love you and miss you more than you can imagine abu salih.

Take care of yourself,
Nirgaz always and forever yours.
From Meran to Eva...
asalamu alykum habibee:

You think I am not ready don't worry I am the man of this century and the next. I can't wait until you come here. Who you coming with and when? And what country are you going to. I went to Hajji Zibayr's house for a day in Rebar, then I went to villages around and behind Duhok, it was very good. And then I went to my Uncle's house and for 30 minutes and then I hit back to Zakho. We are able to use internet sometimes in a city of Zakho but we don't have internet and telephone back in our place, but we are looking forward to get it. I like here because my friend like me and I am ok, and safe place to be, but insha allah when you come here I will be better ... How are the kids and miss them so much tell them. I love them.

What is the situation with Gullizar did she got upset when you tooled here that Meran is not coming and I will go? How is you mam and her friend? Tell her hi for me. Tell Noman and his family hi and all my other family members. Tell them I miss them all. I love you and the kids so much. Come herererererererere.

Peace be with you and Allah be with you on your traveling.

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