Tuesday, September 30, 2003

In two days, Eva leaves. Last night, we spoke of practical things like draining water pipes and shutting off utilities while she's gone. We laughed over how she planned on packing light, but in the end she'll have (for instance) one suitcase just full of books (for Salih's homeschooling and for her own sanity for reading...!!) She's excited but nervous; handling 3 sons on a long trip, the trip itself, etc.

As we said goodbye, Eva shared how during a recent call from Meran this past weekend, a soldier he's been translating for was with him and asked to talk to his wife. The soldier shared how they really enjoy Meran not just as a translator but as a person, especially his sense of humour. After the soldier got off the phone, Eva could hear him say to Meran, "She sounds just like an American girl!", and Meran laughed and said, "She IS an American girl!"

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