Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's been awhile since either Eva or I posted, but for a really great reason - Meran is home!

He came home in mid-May. A week later my companion Christopher and I flew down to Nashville to see Meran, Eva, and the boys. We spent a hectic, busy, wonderful week with everyone. I got to do some Kurdish-style dancing at a womens-only graduation party. Another day we went on a tour of a large plantation with a private Civil War cemetery by the home, in Franklin, Tennessee. We went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival again. Later in the week, we went to downtown Nashville, then to see the Parthenon. I even talked Eva into antiquing with me one day! The final weekend, the family had a big picnic at an area park by a lake, and we went on a two mile hike around the lake; we saw deer on the trail, and some Canadian geese flew over our heads (smart geese, waiting until it warmed up more before heading towards Fargo!)

While we were there, Meran spoke about opportunities for jobs with corporations going into Iraq for reconstruction that he will be checking out now that his Titan contract has run its course. He went on one interview but it didn't pan out. However, the next day a recruiting scout called from North Carolina. interested in Meran and Eva both, especially Eva due to her linguistic skills and background in journalism.

During this visit Salih, Bilal, and Mu'min were a bit more grown up, and we were able to get to know one another better. We even went to see a movie - "Madagascar" - during which Mu'min got sleepy and cranky, and he and I got to spend some quality one-on-one time in the hallway, me holding him and rocking him as he fell asleep waiting for his big brothers and Christopher to come out and get us after the movie finished!

All too soon, the week came to an end. But it VERY nice getting home and into my own bed, too! ;)

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