Saturday, May 29, 2004

Eva and Meran are here!

Eva called today at about 1:00pm to say they were in town. I was so thrilled to see the local number on my caller ID! They got over to my place at around 1:30 or so. Chris came with the car, and we hung out here for a bit, showing her around my apartment. Then we picked up my mother and headed over to my sister's for a family barbecue. It was great to have everyone meet Meran finally, and see the boys (my grandsons), as well as have a chance to catch up with Eva. Eva and Meran are handling things with dignity publicly, which I admire. I hope the lines of communication and mutual respect, especially from Meran's side, keep going.

They may only be able to say for two more days. I hope it can be longer, but it will depend on Meran, Eva said. I think it is more about money than being willing to. They are on a budget, which I can sure understand, and since I have no room, must stay at a hotel. I will entice them to stay as long as possible!

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